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I'm not a was started by me, Janice Friesen, a Texas Certified teacher. I have been teaching students and teachers in Elementary school to use computers for the last 15 + years. I have been working with individuals and small groups for 8 years. Check out the Testimonials Page to see what people think!

I hope you will call! If you would like to make an appointment to talk about I'm not a or to schedule a training session.

$40/hour - One on one session at your home

Small Group Events (Bring your Friends to my house to Tech Open House or schedule one at your house.)
AT 1011 Olive St. Austin 78702
Bring your own equipment at Tech Open House..
$20/hour per person 9:30-11:30 most Thursday Mornings. Sign up for the newsletter if you are interested in knowing my schedule


More About Me
Most summers I travel with my husband to different archaological sites. Each summer I do a blog to share what I am learning. If  you are interested you can look at these websites to see pictures and text about my trips.
Greece-Spain-Belgium 2015
Greek Islands-Rhodes, Kos, Patmos, Samos 2014
What did you do today? 2011
The Art of Sharing Ourselves 2010
Mediterranian Odyssey 2009
Learning in Greece 2007
Greece and Turkey 2006
First Greece Blog 2005