This is what people say after a session with "not a Geek"

Working with Janice was just what I needed. Her explanations were  clear and easy to follow and she answered all my questions in the space of one hour. Janice took notes for me that I can follow easily on my own. It was money well spent. So glad to have her as a resource.

-Sandy M. 2019

Janice saved me!!!! I met her at one of her beginning computer classes through UT’s continuing education program, and later had her come to my home to help me with a project. She was so helpful in setting up templates for my graduate school papers and showing me how to clean up and organize my files!!!  My anxiety level has been greatly reduced because of Janice’s help—and knowing that she is just a click away when I need more assistance!!! Call her or email her today---you’ll feel so much better!!!

-Susan P.  October, 2016

Taffy Tells This story:

On a week's trip to NY City I accidentally left my iPhone on a park bench.  After retracing my steps I came upon a young man sitting on another bench who offered to help.  He called my phone number and another guy answered and said that he had picked up the phone and had it with him.  

He had picked it up and found the Medical ID information from the lock screen. He and his friend were able to call my daughter in TX.  She gave them the phone number of my daughter in NY who I was visiting.  Through the process they turned around from their walk in the park to come toward the direction I was in and met me greeting me with my first name which they could not have ever known if they had not been able to open my phone and press the word EMERGENCY to get my information.  Needless to say, I would have left a great week in NY probably w/o my iPhone if this information had not been on there.  Thanks, Janice, for giving me that info!!!

Taffy September 2016

"Janice is very kind & encouraging. I felt comfortable the first time I talked to her on the phone. Janice understands that many adults my age are not as proficient with computers as our children are. Janice is easy to work with & very knowledgeable. I will continue to take classes with Janice until I feel like my computer skills are up to speed."  

-Kelly H. June 2016

Janice is an excellent teacher and this is demonstrated to me each time that I attend her Thursday sessions.  She opens her home for classes and she is so patient.  It is important to her that her student understands what she is teaching.  This is important to me.  Janice has computer skills that she could market anywhere yet she uses her skills and knowledge to teach others and me. 

Completed for Juneteenth!

-Rosie D. 


I have been taking private, once a week tutoring lessons, since January 2013 from Janice Friesen. She is very patient and compassionate when I get frustrated.
She will explain things in a way that I understand that is not condescending or demeaning since I am a little older and just learning the computer, but sets me at ease and makes me feel comfortable and natural as if I’ve been doing it for many years!
I would recommend her to anyone, of any age, who needs one on one or a small group setting, etc... To learn Windows, Facebook, Twitter, McAfee Virus Protection, Adding Apps, Organizing your email, Pinning, etc...”
Sarah Pavitt May 3, 2013
— Sarah Pavitt

Janice is the perfect computer coach! She’s quick, reliable, and always takes the time to explain how she is untangling my tech problems. She works according to my needs and my speed. I like her to coach me through complicated updates of programs such as Word. And her open house format allows for affordable yet individualized personal assistance. Love her! 

Denise, 2019

Janice is great! She’s knowledgeable , thorough and kind. Makes you feel smart. Glad to have her as a coach.

-Diane F. 2018

Flexibility. Janice follows the student's needs, answering in an appropriate way to the questions, w/o forcing her needs/preferences on the student. If she doesn't have an answer, she'll look into it and deliver it either via e-mail or at the following lesson.

-Daniela D. 2017

"I would highly recommend Janice for all your computing help. She is knowledgeable and flexible to tailor your training to whatever you need to learn."

-Tom R. April 2016


That’s right! Janice is not a geek; she’s a super geek! She’s willing to tackle any Ann Palmer computer-related or cell- phone related question that I have. She has helped me with many computer problems which are challenges to me. For example, she has explained how to use and organize our email, how to put shortcut icons and wallpaper on the desktop, and how to use the presentation software programs PowerPoint and Prezi. We’ve also worked on the social media sites Facebook and Linkedin and the photo program Picasa. Now we’re starting on a blog, and then I would like to learn how to do a web page. As I hear about different programs and applications, I want to learn about them. Janice knows or finds out what they are and how to use them. It is a pleasure working with her. Janice’s can-do attitude makes me feel that I can actually learn how to use the computer and cell phone efficiently. She makes learning fun!
— Ann Palmer
My need was to be instructed on the procedure for designing and setting up an interactive website for my foundation. I had envisioned a program that would allow me—a stranger to computer technology—to access and manage the website easily: to edit, to update, and to add information at my discretion. and I needed to do all this with a modest budget.”
”I am completely satisfied with the results made possible by the instruction Janice gave to me. Janice is very patient and attentive. She worked earnestly to provide the direction I needed. She researched possibilities and gave me choices on how I wanted to proceed. I am delighted with the website presentation and excited about the potential for its future.”
Garland Robertson April 2013
Garland’s Website (Wordpress)
— Garland Robertson April 2013

Janice is terrific! Great communications skills, and she was very responsive to what specifically I wanted to learn. Her years as a teacher really show. I'm not very computer literate, and she was very patient and understanding.

-Sara B. 2018

"I am 77 years old and was having extreme difficulty switching to my new computer. Janice helped me understand and become proficient with my MAC. She was patient, instructive, and very professional. I would not hesitate to recommend her to anyone who needed help with their computer."

-Pat C. November 2014

Yesterday, I accomplished something I’ve wanted to do for years. After seeing Janice’s flyer on my building’s bulletin board, I thought to myself, “Yes, I am going to pay for help getting this done.” This Picture of Aniwas downloading my iTune music library to my iPod. I also downloaded the MP3 of a class I took recently so that I can listen to them on my iPod during my morning walks. Janice came to my apartment, and we had a good time. Frankly, I like that she is not a young techie type that goes so fast I feel I can’t keep up. While here I introduced Janice to some of my neighbors who were at the weekly coffee hour because I do recommend her!
Ani Colt September 11, 2013
Check Ani’s Website
— Ani Colt
It’s great knowing I can ask a question and get helpful information and sometimes even step by step instructions to solve my technology problem. I also really enjoy getting the email updates...The questions people have asked make me want to try some new things with my computer...For instance Doodle and making a Webpage. In fact, I put a special folder in my email account where I save your [Not a Geek} emails that have info that I want to keep and perhaps use later! Thanks again...but I really do think you are a Geek!
Ruthie Kem 9/26/11
— Ruthie Kem 9/26/11